The Coin Rotation Paradox

The SAT question that everyone got wrong

Veritasium released a video recently on a very curious paradox that I found quite unintuitive at first. The paradox relates to the following SAT problem from 1982.

The Anatomy of Wellbeing

Convergences in Positive Psychology

What is the value of living an examined life? Why sit and engage in introspection on a cushion, or take ayahuasca in a south american rainforest?

What is the Expectation-Maximisation algorithm?


Many systems can be described in a deterministic fashion. That is to say, given some collection of information about a system, you may reliably and consistently predict some other information about the system.

Web Scraping Jobs

Sometime in 2019 after graduating I found myself in need of a job. I built a simple web scraping bot in a jupyter notebook over a weekend to help me find good roles quicker, and cut through some of the crud. To help with this, I made it parse through job descriptions and titles on Indeed, rank them according to the presence of certain keywords, and produce a condensed spreadsheet with any relevant information. Not too long after that I converted it into the simple webapp, hosted below.